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Garage Door Springs Replacement

One of the most important parts of your garage door are the springs.  Whether your door requires torsion springs or extension springs, it will not work without them.  The springs do all the heavy lifting and keep the door balanced and level when being raised or lowered.  With that said, it is important springs are properly installed and the correct springs are used for your garage doors’ weight and size.  If you see that you have a broken spring, please do not attempt to change it out yourself.  Garage door springs are under extreme tension and can cause serious harm if you are not familiar or unsure of the right tools and size springs to use.

Garage doors are like a giant mechanical moving wall on your home.  Most garage doors open and close three to four times a day.  In the overhead door industry one opening and one closing is referred to as a cycle.  This is how the life of a garage door spring is measured, with a standard cycle life on torsion springs being 10,000 cycles.  And, If you are like most of us today and use your garage door as your front door entry this can add up quickly.  You can easily get a good idea of how long your garage door springs will last based on your doors' use.  

Door won’t go up past a few inches, and you think your opener is broken?  Think again, and check for a broken spring.  To do this look just above the top panel on the door.  You will see the spring or in many cases two springs connected together.  If you see a space between the coils (like in the photo) then you have a broken spring. Still unsure whether or not you have a broken spring?  Give Hinged Overhead Door Company a call at (623)235-4543.  We will send a friendly professional technician out to your home and evaluate the situation.  Broken springs are the most common garage door repair, but just in case that is not the issue we will correctly diagnose the problem for you.  We will explain your needed repair to you thoroughly and provide you with affordable payment options to fit your budget.   

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